Healthcare Executive Search work with a selected number of candidates, which gives us the time to get to know you and your aspirations. It gives us the opportunity to understand your potential and what you can bring to the market. Over time, it allows us to help you shape and strategically plan your career, safe in the knowledge that you are making sound, pragmatic decisions about your future.

Your career is precious to you and we recognise the importance of making good decisions, based on comprehensive market knowledge and clear advice. We will share market intelligence with you and act as a radar system across the market staying alert to great opportunities with growing businesses. You may only get two or three calls a year – but it will be worth it. Of course, if you have a more pressing need then we will respond.

So, if your career is on the upward curve and you are anticipating a basic salary of 65k-150k in your next role then call us for an initial confidential chat.

Have not met everyone that does what Peter does but out of the people I have met, Peter is the best by a long chalk! He stays true to his word and has a way of finding the best fit between employers and employees.

Peter always listens to the needs of the candidate and employer and then tries to find a solution.

After speaking with others that Peter has placed as well as employers he has worked with, I can say with confidence that Peter has many happy customers. I would therefore highly recommend Peter to both candidates and employers.

Thanks for helping place me in a fantastic role and company!

United Kingdom
Peter has excellent knowledge and connections within the healthcare industry. He has provided a personal service which has helped me successfully find very fulfilling roles on two occasions. He has taken the time to get to know me and my strengths and then matched me very well – not just to the role, but to the right company culture also which is so important. Peter’s professionalism in maintaining contact and staying in touch as my career has developed has meant that when I recently sought to progress my career, 10 years after he had helped me secure my first role, he was on hand to help me secure an excellent opportunity to further my career in an exciting new direction.
Mark Sharpe
From the minute Peter and I met he just got me and therefore matched me to the perfect role. The amazing thing is, that as my goals changed and as my experience grew, Peter understood, whenever we spoke, just what my vision was and what the best next step was. Peter has been part of my career path and I can recommend him a million times over.
Cynthia Ellis
Coming from a background in science, medicine and consulting; I was keen to find a new opportunity which would satisfy my ambition for a challenging and intellectually inspiring career.  I was hopeful of an opportunity which would also allow me to increase the impact I could have with my clients, whilst refining my commercial skill set.  Employee benefit solutions evidenced itself as such an opportunity, though transitioning into this industry was a challenging thought.  However, Peter Morgan at Healthcare Executive Search was a key part of my success in entering this industry and receiving an offer from the leading firm here.  Through Peter’s deep knowledge of the industry, I was able to understand how I could fit into this industry and how I could apply my skills to commercial roles.  Importantly, his strong relationships with the industry’s leaders provided the opening for me to begin my recruitment process and with his guidance I was able to successfully navigate this journey and join one of the best teams in the business.”
Usman Sheikh
United Kingdom