Coke, J&J join big companies behind new employee wellness push

Leaders of some of the biggest U.S. corporations, from Coca-Cola Co to Johnson & Johnson, unveiled a campaign on Tuesday to reduce the nation’s healthcare costs, urging their peers to embrace wellness programs to improve employee health.

 The CEO Council on Health and Innovation, a newly-formed group, said it came together “to lead the U.S. business community” in improving employee and community health and reducing costs.

In a report released at a press conference in Washington, D.C, the council called on employers to accelerate the adoption of wellness programs to improve nutrition and weight management, promote physical activity, help employees quit smoking and manage chronic diseases.

Workplace wellness programs are popular because they promise to improve productivity, cut absenteeism and reduce medical costs by averting expensive illnesses.

Some employers, including Bank of America, offer financial incentives for employees to get screened, while others have begun to penalize workers who don’t participate in wellness requirements.  Read more of the original article at REUTERS

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