New Employee Dental Health Plan by AXA PPP Healthcare

Healthcare Executive SearchThe healthcare insurers AXA PPP have launched a new employee dental plan for employers to provide as an Employee Benefit. The plan offers six levels of cover to choose from. The six levels cover the same treatments and procedures, but the entitlements for each type of treatment differ. Employees will have access to dental nurses via the telephone and can gain information about maintaining good dental health through a dental health centre accessible online.


The Dental Plan cover includes:

  • Choice of dentist: Employees can have their treatment with any dentist, whether they are private or NHS-registered. No dental checks before joining: Planned and pending treatment is covered.
  • Mouth cancer cover: Treatment and medication up to an overall annual maximum of £10,000 is paid for should an employee be diagnosed with mouth cancer, including dedicated cancer nurses being available to provide support and guidance over the phone.
  • Pre-existing conditions (excluding mouth cancer): Ensuring even employees with existing problems with their teeth are eligible for maximum cover.
  • Worldwide cover: Reimbursement towards the cost of employees’ routine check-ups and emergency treatment anywhere in the world should they have an accident.
  • Injury and accident cover: Reimbursement towards the cost of treatment following an injury or accident.
    Dental helpline: Dental nurses are on hand to offer employees advice and reassurance over the phone.
  • Online dental health centre: Informative articles and expert advice to help employees keep their teeth healthy.
  • The scheme is underwritten by Axa PPP Healthcare and administered by National Dental Plan (NDP).

The Head of Marketing for AXA PPP Healthcare, Alison Green, said: “Missing routine dental care or avoiding necessary treatment can be a significant cause of discomfort and, in turn, contribute to absence levels at work.

“With our experience in the corporate healthcare arena and NDP’s focus on service, I’m confident we’ll be offering clients unrivalled expertise.”


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