Employee Health is Key to the Success of a Business

Employee health is key to the success of a business. The Cipd have available this great factsheet highlighting the legal oblogations as well as the benefits of keeping employees healthy.

It is the view of the Cipd that ‘ensuring that employees are safe and healthy at work has to be one of the fundamental requirements of the employer’. Taken from the factsheet, Cipd highlight through their findings, ‘although the law is extensive in this area, it is important that employers view health and safety as a basic part of employment provision and not something that has to be addressed just because of the law.

Employers who invest in the health and well-being of their staff by ensuring their managers are equipped with people management skills and providing work-life balance opportunities for staff, as well as support to help those with health problems to return to work sooner rather than later, will benefit from enhanced employee engagement and lower levels of absence and staff attrition’.

The demand to keep employees healthy shall remain to high. See our latest vacancies in a health sector that matches your interests.


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