Employee Health Suffering due to Long Commutes

As reported by Yahoo Small Business Advisor, the Office of National Statistics has reported  that those with a commute higher than 45 minutes are “less satisfied with their lives”, “rated their daily activities as less worthwhile” and “reported higher anxiety” than those who don’t have a long commute to make each morning.

This research also found that mode of transport had a major impact on an employee’s feelings towards their commute. Employees who took the bus to work fell way behind their non-commuting colleagues when it came to life satisfaction and feeling that their daily activities were worthwhile, while those who take the train are far more likely to suffer from anxiety.

While you might have suspected that your employees are spending their most productive hours making their way to your office, would you have guessed that the journey was having such a profound impact on their wellbeing?

When you consider these facts alongside the knowledge that the average workers spends five weeks a year commuting, it’s easy to see how your employees might not reach you in tip-top condition each morning.




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