Employee Wellness To Be Measured And Reported On

A report by talent management specialists Right Management has shown that 75% of HR directors predict employee wellness will be measured and reported on by 2018. This shows a noticeable shift in the attitude of organisations, with currently four in ten HR directors regarding employee wellness as an ‘employee perk’.

The ‘Flux Report’ states that 60% of HR directors identify employee wellness as key to enabling organisations to achieve their objectives and 53% said that their employees’ abilities to manage unanticipated problems is their key attribute for the future success of the business. However 72% of line managers have stated that their organisation could do more to protect employees from or help them through periods of stress.

Jayne Carrington, Managing Director of Right Management Workplace Wellness commented “Organisations cannot afford to have an unwell, unproductive and overwhelmed workforce. If the flux of the last five years has taught us anything, it’s that resilience is a key attribute both for individuals and organisations. However employees shouldn’t be expected to make this journey on their own. Their employer has a responsibility to ensure that they have the right support structures in place to be able to manage stress and perform well. Resilience must be led from the top down if it is to be successful. Business leaders need to ‘talk the talk and walk the walk’ and ensure that this attitude trickles down to every level of the business.”


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