Employers Don’t Care About Employees’ Health And Wellbeing

A new survey by Investors in People has shown that more than half (54%) of respondents believed that their employers do not care about their health and wellbeing. Of those respondents, 48% said that it has affected their motivation and a third stated that they have considered finding alternative employment.

Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, told HR Grapevine that the consequence of not caring about your employees is that “it affects people’s motivation, which ultimately affects people’s productivity and people are more likely to move job if they are unhappy.

“Not having an engaged and positive workforce has a negative impact on the performance of your business.”

The survey shows employees’ perceptions about their employer’s level of care, so it could be that employers are not communicating their interest in their employees’ wellbeing effectively.

Devoy stated that the best way to resolve this problem is by “engaging staff to see what would make a difference. A lot of it is down to good leadership and good people management.

“The other bit is that the company can introduce things that demonstrate that they have an interest in the individual’s wellbeing. Even something that may seem a little bit tokenistic on the surface can actually make a difference – like providing fresh fruit. It shows that there is an intent there to try and get people to think differently about their wellbeing.”


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