Frequently Asked Questions

When I forward my CV to you, what happens to that data?

Your data remains your data with us, your CV is never forward anywhere without your prior permission each and every time. We take ownership of data seriously.

What happens after I forward my CV to your company?

I assess the detail of the CV to understand if there is a clear overlap of my business activities / client demands in relation to the focus of your skills and experience.

If my CV is relevant – what happens next?

I will talk to you personally on the phone at a time to suit you. This is to establish whether there is common ground between both parties. If that is the case then we will arrange to meet at a location to suit you.

What are you looking for in that first meeting?

We will conduct a market review within my current client base and consider best options for you. After that we will put together a recruitment strategy to meet your personal career aspirations.

So I understand your process which sounds sensible. What makes you different?

Many years of experience in the market, a broad network of established contacts and the ability to manage expectations with clients and candidates alike to ensure successful outcomes. Our approach is always very bespoke.

Anything else?

I will actively manage any financial package negotiations prior to job offers being accepted and follow up 3 months later to ensure that your career move has been successful.


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