Monday Is The Worst Day For Sickness Absence From Work

absence from workNew research of SMEs carried out by Axa PPP Healthcare has shown that Monday is the day of the week that employees are most likely to call in sick. The research also shows that January and February have the highest levels of sickness absence, whilst May is the least affected month.

Of the days of the week, Monday had the highest call-in rate at 61% and the next highest day was Friday at 20%. The research found that 60% of bosses do not believe employees are sick when they call in.

Chris Jessop, Axa’s Managing Director of Health Services said:

“In any SME business when employees call in sick, their absence automatically creates extra work for their colleagues and particularly for their boss. With 49% of SME bosses already working more than 50 hours per week, employee sickness adds even more pressure to already heavy workloads and can tip their work/life balance.

“Our research shows that January is the sickest month of the year but it’s also a key time for SMEs, who will be busy preparing tax returns and finalising the previous year’s accounts. We could end up in a situation with very stressed SME bosses and over-stretched businesses which is a concern, given that in 2013 over 14 million people were employed by UK SMEs, which contributed 24.9% to UK wealth.”

“We urge all employers to keep a close eye on their employees’ and their own work loads and stress levels at this challenging time of the year and to be prepared to offer support where appropriate”.

Source: Axa PPP Healthcare News

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