Rising Cost of Private Healthcare is Unsustainable

Healthcare Executive SearchBupa Managing Director, Damien Marmion, has told a Reform event on affordable healthcare that the private healthcare sector is becoming unsustainable due to its high policy premiums and that there is a risk of more pressure being placed on the already struggling NHS, with patients wanting to abandon private healthcare to reduce their costs.
Marmion also stated that the private healthcare industry is worse than the NHS at charging for clinical outcomes for patients, rather than courses of treatment “We are collectively paying the equivalent of more than £2,000 an hour for cataract surgery, which is more than is currently charged for complex heart and brain surgery.
“We want to change the competition rules in the market to give our customers more choice about where they can go for treatment, and ensure that the prices we pay on behalf of our members are fair and take into account all of the medical evidence.
“There needs to be greater transparency about every step of the patient journey, including the clinical outcome. We call on all stakeholders in the market to work in collaboration in providing healthcare that is an affordable complement to the NHS.”


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