Stress In The Workplace – Two out of Three Employees Stressed

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The Big Work Survey, which questioned 2000 working adults and 500 senior decision makers, has found that we are a nation of stressed employees; eating lunch at our desks, working through holidays and when ill and doing overtime. The research showed that 64% of those surveyed admitted to feeling stressed at work.

The research was undertaken by YouGov, on behalf of Westfield Health. It found that 82% of employees had worked more than their contracted hours in the last 12 months, almost 90% have worked while feeling under the weather – and 59% admitted that they had gone into work whilst ill because of work commitments.

Paul Shires of Westfield Health said “There are positive signs, with the majority saying they like their jobs. But it is shocking to hear that more than a quarter of workers have cancelled holiday time because of work pressures. The vast majority of employees are also guilty of presenteeism – when people work even though they are unwell or have short or long–term untreated health conditions. This is increasingly being recognised as a contributor to lost productivity and potential health costs for employers, as a result of people performing below par, feeling unmotivated or making errors due to illness.”

Paul Shires concludes: “Steps to improve worker health can lead to measurable economic benefits which may be greater than the costs associated with sickness absence, as well as boosting morale and improving recruitment and retention.”


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